(January 13) ✠ Saint Hillary ✠ (St. Hilary of Poitiers)

†. Today’s st. †.

Episcopal, ask maṉṉippāḷar, hide professional:
(Bishop, Confessor and Doctor of the Church)

Born: 310 k. B.
Pikṭāviyam, Kaul (current lie ṭṭiyars, France)
(Pictavium, Gaul (Modern-day Poitiers, France)

Death: 367 k. B.
Ṭṭiyars lie

To accept the religion:
Roman Catholic church
(Roman Catholic Church)
East traditional church
(Eastern Orthodox Church)
English ̔ikkaṉ community
(Anglican Communion)
Lutheran Church
(Lutheran Church)
The below vaitīka church
(Oriental Orthodoxy)

Memories of festival: January 13

Ṭṭiyars City Hillary lies, lies hide ṭṭiyars āyarum district of the church, the hide ̔uṉarum. He is ” Āriyarkaḷiṉ Hammer ” (Hammer of the arians), a ” Mēṟkiṉ Automatically Seuss ” (Athanasius of the west), also known by the governor. Latin language, by his name to ‘ happy ‘ or ‘ happy ‘ is police.

In the city lies ṭṭiyars fourth century ārama recently birthday if his parents of the other ” ” attention. Greek language the attention has been given her education. Then He’s old and New Testament about the education, he said: “The 3th century pilāṇṭiṉas followers created a philosophical and religious organization” (Neo-Platonism) Kiṟistavattiṟkāka dropped occurred. Then he wife daughter and to have full church joined in.

In olden days, about 350 or 353, ṭṭiyars city people lie so much hilāriyai matittaṉar. Āyarāka him they hide their faces, to the right. In olden days, Western Church (the āriyaṉicam arianism) capture was a credible threat.

This session to prevent Hillary in action. Should ” R ” hide in the district of the Aryan Episcopal (Saturninus, the Arian Bishop of arles) and his ātaravāḷarkaḷāṉa ” Uraciyas and valēṉs ” (Ursacius and valens), and traditional church with the participation of ” Licaṉ head to the blind And said: ” (Gallican Hierarchy) Church, that he took the first steps.

In the same time, Aryan, self protesters the usea the tuṉpuruttal objecting the second emperor, see the “Sṭaṉṣiyacu” (Emperor Constantius II) have found a Hillary wrote letter. Historical experts, this practice in some pākaṅkaḷē (book) against valens kuṟippiṭukiṉṟaṉar. Try this for Hillary are first up with success.

Maṟaittē Vaṉavācattiṟkāṉa reasons were kept there though, Hillary almost four years spent abroad. A ciyusiṉ automatically condemned and (Nicene) loyalty to accept them on the countries ttatālēyē he is kidnapped. To confirm your information.

Four years of foreign vācat of then in 361 own hide district to Hillary, the first of the two or three years most part of the local religious guru and convince to spend there.

Approximately in 360, Hillary’s motivate tūrs to ” hide ” District of the role Yēṟkavirunta Episcopal Martin (Martin, the future bishop of tours) ” Likuk Ligugé): ” (a place in the math and leave a London.

St. Jerome (Jerome) according to their, in the year 367, the city lies ṭṭiyars Hillary died.


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