†. Today’s st. †. (January 27) ✠ St. Angela Merisi ✠ (st. Angela Merici)


Virgo / church founder:

Born: March 21, 1474
Ṭicesāṉō del car da, pres’siyā region, Venice Republic
(Desenzano del Garda, Province of Brescia, Republic of Venice)

Death: January 27, 1540 (age 65)
Pres’siyā, Venice Republic
(Brescia, Republic of Venice)

Beatification: April 30, 1768
Pope of the third clement
(Pope Clement XIII)

St. Graduation: May 24, 1807
(Pope Pius VII)

Important Petra Sthalam:
St. Angela Merisi’s sanctuary,
Pres’siyā, Italy
(Sanctuary of St. Angela Merici, Brescia, Italy)

Memories of festival: January 27

Factor / Icon: Clock, ladder

The Police:
Patient (sickness),
Those who have lost (loss of speech),
To Change Tiṟaṉāḷi (handicapped people)

Roman Catholic Church with a holy aruṭpoḻivu, merisi Angela made a Italian religious education is the audience. He said: ” in 1535 pres’siyā ” (Brescia) a place known as ” st. Ursula’s significant other ” (company of st. Ursula) Education company to London. This education company’s women, girls and boys our education for the life of the church dedicated to his people. A little period this education company law ̔eṉṟu culiṉ tuṟavaṟa “town” as a council (monastic order of ursulines) variable is high. The Ittuṟavu Aruṭkaṉṉiyar. Prayer and kaṟṟalukkāṉa places where first Europe and North America, especially in the hereafter, then to all over the world.

In 1474 the birthday merisi and his oldest sister “Gianna Mary Magdalene” (Giana Maria) His fifteen anātaikaḷāṉār at a young age. Our Uncle to live at home page for the city. A little period was her older sister “Gianna Maria” died for him. The death of the before and after that to happen after any caṭaṅkukkaḷum he even to not happen. So very mental glasses merisi under investigation. In this situation, merisi “Holy Ḥpirāṉcisiṉ third position in the church” (third order of st. Francis) joined. Thank God for his dedicated to the beauty of merisi and sexy blonde kūntalum kavarntaṉa people. Attention world ̔iṉariṉ merisi, you don’t want their hair kkariyiṉāl requested photos.

Merisi twentieth of the age of his uncle stray from the dead. So, with their brothers in the life back to home town. We need to add to the property. We have been given. Then we have a show got to see. And young women their religious education yūṭṭuvataṟku life reaction is dedicated to the people who aruṭkaṉṉiyar and merge to install was notified. Iṅṅaṉam he started this aruṭkaṉṉiyar community was a success. Page after a city “in the” Pres’siyā (Brescia) another school to get started he was invited.

Number Lanka community work done, he is to my ṇiṭalaṅkā poor people of the high life. In the year 1524 at the age of 50 his pālastīṉattiṟku holy trip to make one. On the way, “Krēṭṭā” Island of the sudden, his eyes look closed. But, he was in the sacred their limited to continue. Palestinian Holy trip from the back, in his view that the same “any krēṭṭā” in the fire, and some of them, in ̔uvaiyai cepik him amazingly once again returned.

25 November 1535th, with bunny were two young girl ” with ” Pres’siyā (Brescia) a place known as ” st. Ursula’s significant other ” (company of st. Ursula) Education company to London. Their purpose, future wife, mother (current young girls) of family life status with Christian education. is high. Four years of this education company two patteṭṭāka is high. Merisi Muṭaṉiruntavar and agree to the Lord and in the service, Ayalāriṉ, to be dedicated kaṟpittār. Its members any special traditions or religious piramāṇaṅkaḷō vaḻakkaṅkaḷō who take not. Merisi this education company members life conventions or rules wrote themselves. Piram’mac in it, the poverty, tāḻcci, under the deposition, which is the important one. Culiṉs “town” (the ursulines) called their company, software and school and orphanage home, and started to. 18 March 1537th merisi this companies poṟuppaiyēṟṟār of leadership. Merisi this company members wrote for the rules and conventions to 1544th year Pope third Paul (Pope Paul III) Haryana approved.

27 January 1540 in merisi when death, 24 educational institutions region is full education service were in. Merisi the license of his body, third level ḥpirāṉciskaṉ dress to be “and” Aḥprā Church (church of st. Afra). In the year 1945, MARCH MONTH 2TH DATE “Church” aḥprā ̔ālayamum its ambiance structures, church part of the father and the other role makkaḷuṭēṉ together during the second world war in some of the bomb It seems to have been destroyed. Then, the end of the second world war ̔ālayamum church its ambiance structures built again and 10 April 1954 on that day have been opened. January 27, 1956 at new st. Angela Merisi to church agree has been given.


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