†. Today’s st. †. (January 26) ✠ St. The Timothy ✠ (St. Timothy) Episcopal:


Born: K. B. About 17

Death: K. B. About 97

To accept the church / religion:
Roman Catholic church
(Roman Catholic Church)
The traditional way to church
(Eastern Orthodox Church)
Ōriyaṇṭṭal traditional church
(Oriental Orthodoxy)
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Memories Festival: January 26

St. The Timothy, Christian religion of the first century, in living. P. 97 in a dead is a divine āyarum. ” the Timothy ” in the name of God to ” praise ” Ṟupavar, ” God is adored: ” those who receive the product.

Viviliyat of the source of the New Testament to the Timothy Holy Pavulōṭu trip and Christian Maṟaiyaip, wide roads cīṭarāka da Holy Wars. St. Paul wrote, bite two the total ̔ēyuvu written for you.
(see: 1 the Timothy, 2 the Timothy).

Life History:
The Timothy, ” Likavōṉiyāviluḷḷa ” ” Lisṭrā ” (Lystra in lycaonia) what accommodation of a drink. These are about some tips acts of the apostles are in the book. St. Paul as their second maṟaiyaṟivippup when a journey of Anatolia (Anatolia) area to lisṭrāvu ” to ” (Lystra). “” Lisṭrā went in ” the Timothy called the disciples was one. His mother of the year with the building of a yūtap girl. Father yo mythology. The Timothy “lisṭrāvilum ikkōṉiyāvilumuḷḷa brothers are among those who received the” (Acts of the apostles, 16:1-2).

Other Paul, the total ̔ēyuvai ” my dear son said, ” her ” year of living together with their brother lot said to them: ” Paradise with a great loss.
(1 Corinthians 4:17).

And Paul, the total ̔ēyuvaik about faith: “based on my real son says”
(1 the Timothy 1:1).

Another place and Paul, the total ̔ēyuvai ” my dear son is calling you.
(2 the Timothy 1:1).

The Timothy Pavulōṭu many together to maṟaiyaṟivippup trips. Jewish people need to accept him if he should make Jesus, felt Paul the Timothy Jewish should be organized to Jesus.
(see: Acts of the apostles, 16:3).

The Timothy, reinstated. “for the Lord. Text, elder are on your hands, and antie at work when you have been given favor that yaṟṟavaṉāy judgmental care about” Paul the total ̔ēyuvu writes to.
(see: 1 the Timothy 4:14).

To Work:
The Timothy, pavulōṭu the following places to go payaṇamākac Christian maṟaiyaip wide roads.
(see: Acts of the apostles 16-18):

★ Pirikiyā
★ Kalāttiyā
★ Mīciyā
★ Turōvā
★ Philippi
★ Perōyā
★ Korintu

The Timothy’s mother and my yūṉikki, grandma was have faith in God make sure that was the example Paul.
(see: 2 the Timothy 1:5). They had kiṟistavarkaḷāka.

Another place Paul, the Timothy best biblical knowledge that which speaks: ” you child season first mr maṟainū way like u know. It’s Jesus Christ the hope of the way to rescue you by the wisdom is power.”
(see: 2 the Timothy 3:15).

The Timothy at least once in prison stuffed here is the epirēyar face: ” looks from our brother the Timothy and freedom.”
(see: Epirēyar 13:23).

The Timothy for letting a stomach disease is and watch and say: ” it looks from only drinking water and, your stomach nalaṉukkākavum often, you will be the health of some grapes so use alcohol.”
(see: 1 the Timothy 5:23).

Talk to no one in the city from the wrong policies were risk because Paul the Timothy and stay there to be say: ” I am going to mācitōṉiyāvu when some epē you will be asked to be. Some there change policy on them. So do not make them according to the ḷaiyiṭu.”
(see: 1 the Timothy 1:3).

Talk to no one in the council of qualified to monitor and ttoṇṭar have to select and niyamippatu about Paul the Timothy for detailed guidelines.
(see: 1 the Timothy 3:1-13).
This instructions today to shop is no.

Other the chapter news:
Other the emperors of step, Paul the total ̔ēyuvai ki. B. 65th year, talk to any of the āyarākat of have. There the Timothy 15 years worked. K. B. In 97, the total ̔ēyuvu for 80 yr old female, when he pēkaṉiya religious celebrations for when they tried to prevent him to drag down the street and go kill the cast stone lal were cast.

K. B. 4th century the Timothy’s me material to see sṭāṇṭinōpuḷil pure apostle are pērālayattiṟku go with.

Good morning:
Roman Catholic Mr cpai timōttēyu in watch for another disciple Titus my pavagadh road connect festival celebrated. And his festival January 26th day.

Down in the assembly of arms to the Timothy a ttūtarākavum, Holy greater hide, Tamil literature as a witness. His festival January 22 and celebrate the day.


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