†. Today’s st. †. (January 22) ✠ St. Vincent ✠ (St. Vincent of Saragossa)


Hide a witness:

Born: third century
Hūyeskā, Aragon, Spain
(Huesca, Aragon, Spain)

Death: 22 January 304
Valencia, Spain
(Valencia, Spain)

To accept the religion:
Roman Catholic church
(Roman Catholic Church)
English ̔ikkaṉ community
(Anglican Communion)
East traditional church
(Eastern Orthodox Churches)

Memories of festival: January 22

The Police:
It al car hide district (Diocese of Algarve),
Sā’ō Vincent (GREETINGS VICENTE), Lisbon (Lisbon), Italy (Italy), Vinegar Manufacturer (Vinegar-makers), grapes iracam Manufacturer (Wine-makers), Valēṉsiyā (Valencia), Vikeṉsā (Vicenza),
List “Perkamō” Catholic hide of district Mr Ttoṇṭar Council (order of deacons of the Catholic Diocese of Bergamo (Italy)

St. Vincent “Carakōs’sā” of the church (church of saragossa ttoṇṭarum), Spain country to a Christian and hide the witness.

Spain country ” Carakōs’sā ” (Saragossa) near ” Hūyeskā (Barcelona): ” what, at the end of the third century, approximately in the birthday ̔uṉitariṉ who said, ” the father ” (Yūṭriṣiyas Eutricius). Mother’s name, “Eṉōlā” Enola (is). Parents both are “Ōskā” (Native of osca) the history of India.

The most part of life “Carakōs’sā” (Saragossa) he spent in the city, and the education here to swim. ” hide ” Carakōs’sā District of the episcopal ” Valēriyas ” (Bishop Valerius of saragossa)’s ceṉṭṭai ttoṇṭarāka aruṭpoḻivu do have. Right of speech, without the ability to (the) (speech impediment) Vaḻakkamuḷḷa Episcopal they hide,’s ceṉṭṭai hide all district and matching preach by his work. Vincent Āyaratu Active Motivational talk.

With Sovereign Ṭaiyōklēṣiyaṉ (Roman Emperor Diocletian) Christians vataittu grill to the harassment started, when they were valēṉciyāviluḷḷa Roman Governor “Ṭēciyaṉ” (Dacian in Valencia) and before going to stop. ‘s ceṉṭṭum episcopal valēriyasum valēṉciya jailed. Both for torment are under investigation. In the end, the evil in the holy books ̔iliṭa agree, and to release their governor said. Vincent, but it is said. As the āyariṉ phone Vincent, no payamuṟuttalkaḷu. For the job that has said.

His the pillar of the order. Āttiramuṟṟa, out of all of the players and can’t breath to kick her. Broken glass pieces with full body and kiḻittaṉar piercing. Kāyaṅkaḷiṉ Rub Salt on top. Iron to be hot kampiyai uṭaleṅkum pocukkiṉar to shoot. The skin with a sharp needle kiḻittaṉar tattoo. In the punishment. The license of him and the people were killed.

Saint’s ceṉṭṭiṉ body a sa for built in the sea has been cast. But, it will be mīṭṭeṭuttaṉar Christian people. Old Episcopal Valēriyas country was kidnapped.

St. Vincent in prison when the retaliates so friky peace added to shop. This is the prison officer aticayappaṭa ahead. Yor sins, then the mind varuntiya prison officer, the mind.




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