†. Today’s st. †. (January 19) ✠ Saint Ḥpēpiyaṉ ✠ (St. Fabian)


Twentieth Pope:
(20th Pope)

Born: K. P. 200

Death: 20 January 250
Rome, Roman Empire
(Rome, Roman Empire)

Memories of festival:
Catholic Church: 19 January
19 January (Catholic Church)
Traditional Church: 8th August
8 August (Orthodox Church)

To accept the religion:
Roman Catholic church
(Roman Catholic Church)
Traditional Church
(Orthodox Church)

Pope Ḥpēpiyaṉ, Rome Āyarākavum Pope and k. B. 236 January 10th from the day 250 January 20 and the kingdom till the day. ” the ḥpēpiyaṉ ” in the name of the Latin language ḥpēpiyus ” his family ” the product.

Ancient Christian historian ” Yūcēpiyus ” (Eusebius of caesarea wrote) friends that are ” Church history ” in the book as follows:
” the Rome statute of the city for a new Pope a nteṭuppataṟkāka Christians are gathered together. Up to the role of selected qualification than others. But Non-blind to the public, Tamils were simple human brave ḥpēpiyaṉ came upon a dove ̔iṟaṅkiyatu. People be one voice ‘Ḥpēpiyaṉ Pope must kuraleḻuppiṉār’.”

K. B. From 244 to 249 with pēraracai year sovereign Arab Philip (Philip the Arab) is the reward of my and check the ̔ērara ḥpēpiyaṉ en son of and have to give the full of them matattil Christian added a chapter that is the message.

Ḥpēpiyaṉ Kiṟistavak the gardens of that makes us to admin, Council of cīrppaṭut maṟaic, the believers who are dead about to gather information, the officer to sign up to the us. It looks like.

Other the history of al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz, fur-Bearing King ‘ Ṭēciyas ‘ (Decius) the Christian religion to hard tuṉpuṟuttiyatāl will be destroyed to the religious. The screaming is the color ḥpēpiyaṉ today’s France country part of kauḷil (Gaul) Christian maṟaiyaip parappuvataṟku ki. B. 250 hide in the pastor sent.

France please connect a ḥpēpiyaṉ hide in the following episcopal sent to:

♪ by city kirāciyāṉ – last place called:
♪ R in city trōḥpimus – last place in order:
♪ Fibre Phone City Paul – last location: fibre phone
♪ Cattūrṉiyaṉ – last location: Tūlus
♪ Denis – last location: Paris
♪ Āstrōmōṉ – last location: Kḷērmōṉ hide district
♪ Holy mārciyal – last location: Limōj

Sir Tīṉiyāvu country kidnapped to dead pope phone tiyaṉ and this fake.’s body to Rome for the from the town with ḥpēpiyaṉ, welcome to the arrangements.

Chris Christian tuṉpuṟuttappaṭalum ḥpēpiyaṉ witness maṟaic iṟattalum:
Pope Ḥpēpiyaṉ Fur-bearing king ṭēciyas rule of been killed when a witness maṟaic reason life (250, January 20).

Fur-bearing king Arab Philip Church in a peace. But k. P.. In 249 the King Philip the enemy was killed pilippaik ṭēciyas friends that take from about the role. From the yeṭuppait need to log in from the country if the people of the same religion and must think that ṭēciyas.

So, Roman and all of the people of Roman religion tradition is and must be the Christians, their religion shop favorite set of rōkikaḷākak will the champion of the kings are announced. Roman Empire to the gods in the ark and agree to all family, and an id card to get it, id card not get prison sentence of death, and the punishment of the fire and has been notified.

Id card not get came and presented themselves as enemies of the sinners were considered. This is Christians are getting this. Some people life to piḻaippataṟkāka king of error you got id card. People who are created in the money id card. But in the future government of his command, and were sent to jail for abuse āḷāyiṉar.

The future government command ttavarkaḷuḷ pope ḥpēpiyaṉ is important. Government officers arrested ḥpēpiyaṉaik. Tulliyāṉō (Tulliano) Aṭaittaṉar him in jail. There were he to ̔iṉiyālum ppālum 250 January month 20nd day maṟaic died as a witness.

Pope ḥpēpiyaṉiṉ body kalistus the garden. Church of them hide by to witness the ṟappaṭukiṟār.

Ḥpēpiyaṉiṉ’s grave in 1850, the broad-Mr. Jōvāṉṉi Pattīstā De Rossi my by has been detected. Stone Leḻuttu Greek language is in. Now his head me product st. Sebastian dhyan pērālayattil vaṇakkattu for has been.

Pope is a book the other news:
Pope ḥpēpiyaṉ “about the father’s book” (Liber Pontificalis) in the book and the some of the messages. Church we spread of Pope seven ṭalaṅkaḷā pirittār be diamonds. They are every bit a ttoṇṭarai (Deacon) appointed responsible. The seven sub ttoṇṭar and (Sub-Deacons), and they, along with other aluvalarkaḷōṭu maṟaic life as witness nītta Christians are about the court of inquiry notes organized to protect the collection.

Of all night and have to use when you have (by ttailattai chrism) making method is Jesus, the apostles taught me to be, that knowledge has come through the way of the ḥpēpiyaṉ wrote a letter.

Ancient Christian scholars of many pope ḥpēpiyaṉ high thought about. For example, holy cipriyāṉ nōvāciyāṉ followed, and not gonna oil some1 ishbar bht say. Nōvāciyāṉ Ḥpēpiyaṉaip when speaking about, “he is the special one raikkiṟār”. The Ancient Christian ōrijeṉ tāḷarum write ḥpēpiyaṉōṭu correspondence. A teacher, the name “ḥpēpiyaṉ ḥpḷēviyaṉ” speaks.


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