†. Today’s st. †. (January 18) ✠ St. Charles ✠ (St. Charles of Sezze)


Hiding Staff:

Born: 19 Sep 1613
Chess, Pope states
(Sezze, Papal States)

Death: 6 Time 1670 (age 56)
Rome, Pope states
(Rome, Papal States)

To accept the religion:
Roman Catholic church
(Roman Catholic Church)

Face Tipēṟu Degree: 22 January 1882
Pope of the third leo
St. Peter Cathedral, Italy government
(Pope Leo XIII – Saint Peter’s Basilica, Kingdom of Italy)

St. Degree: 12 April 1959
Pope two ten third john
St. Peter Square, Vatican city
(Pope John XXIII – Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City)

The Main Shrine:
San Francisco the riffa, Rome, Italy
(San Francesco a Ripa, Rome, Italy)

Memories of festival: 6 January

Pirāṉciskaṉ activities
(Franciscan habit)

The Police:
Chess, Laṭiṉā-Ṭērraṭiṉā-Chess-Piraiverṉō hide district
(Sezze, Diocese of Latina-Terracina-Sezze-Priverno)

“jiyaṉkarlō marcciyōṉi” (Giancarlo Marchioni) the original name of chess city st. Charles A Italian hiding the bull s’ work. He is one of the best write the tāḷarum.

In 1613, ” Chess ” (Sezze) of the city a poor farm family born in his father’s name is, ” rukkerō marcciyōṉi “. Mother’s name, “Aṉṭōṉiyā Makkiyōṉ” (Antonia Maccione). Happy birthday third day he got to the full.

Its a short walk, he is a child in the period of his mother and saint ” Patuvai Anthony the who ” like ” and ” Francis of Assisi and like wearing clothing, and of them is like having a kayiṟṟaik building and see this beauty. Same routine, the big boy he grew up after the cold war.

If his parents and is a catholic blind to to encourage this. Parents ivarō but in the future, and so tāḻcciyāṉa work will be considered as gardener, burdens, such as a messenger who sacrifice for the life of the load you want.

His paternal grandmother ‘ valeṉsā pilōrsi ” (Valenza Pilorci) his little old fear from your religion and the other special, value and coṭṭāka ivaruḷḷē drops up.

Jiyaṉkarlō Marcciyōṉi, as their parents work less ccumaiyaik, Agriculture Farm one of the cattle mēy did the job. The ox to virumpuvarāka dig through it because there was the field of air uḻum and work.

He who, in the life in 1630 be taken piratikñai profile. 1633, sick he almost sa’s border went up to. From innōyi mīṇṭāl “Young Monk are” Monastery (order of Friars Minor) to make sure that pūṇṭār. His parents he is one of the Catholic as to whether you’d like, he is one of the best without a student because of high education for the person won’t be able see where out and unable to go.

Indian country to service and liked this person, that he may question the work hiding ” Saints ‘ BOSS CALL ‘ and ‘ Pēlāṉ ‘ (Saints Pascal Baylon And Salvador of horta), and whom the life time inspired by. In 1635, ” Nas’sāṉō ” (Nazzano) in the city ” San Francisco Convent ” (San Francisco Convent) joined monastery.

This is the work, are to be holy matittār. Many tuṟaviyar in it cooking kārarākavum tōṭṭakkārarākavum, burdens, a messenger sent to the church, the holy things (Pātukāppavarākavum Sacristan) Service, and practical. One of the streets went kkārarākavum begging.

A time, 1648, October month one day, he is a “San Jiyucep of Cabo” (church of San Giuseppe a capo le case) have happened at the puja in went. To The Ark, when the highest iṭamoṉṟi beam came from one of his ribs, and, in a open – all field of of a injury to his ribs and went in to.

Big in India is you not to be, ̔iruppiṉum employees from various people entered to spiritual advice came to. A Father, the “TENTH’s ṉocaṉṭ and seventh Alexander” (Pope innocent x and Ellis VII) to his people from the spiritual advice.

In 1656, the raw nōyālum ju malaria in 1664, in the affected area. 28 July 1665, he ” Pope Saint first victor ” and ” st. Teresa of Avila ” (Pope Saint Victor I and Saint Teresa of ávila) of the view (Darshan) nothing.

31 December 1669 can’t return lung aḻaṟciyāl (Pleurisy), the affected ittuṟavi vīḻntār in bed again. 6 January 1670, he died in the city of Rome, who came to him: “San Francisco” Riffa (San Francesco a ripa) Maṭattilēyē and leave he buried.

Pope are the liars ” TENTH’s ṉoceṉṭ “, ” Seventh-Alexander ” and ” Ninth Clement ” (Popes innocent x, Ellis VII AND CLEMENT IX) said to his father and the election will be chosen, before he kaṇittuc Say. Then the deluge Like that, “Cardinal Emilio Altieri” (Cardinal Emilio Altieri) of the week the father will say. Then the deluge kaṇittuc But ittuṟavi death of some of the time of that the ṉēyē fulfilled.


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